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Agile eLearning Program - Scrum Fundamentals

Discover the Scrum foundations. Go beyond knowing the theory and do a deep dive on how Scrum Teams really use Scrum on the daily basis. This is a must have for beginners and even for experienced with Scrum.

Enterprise Agile Coach Program

Enterprise Agile Coach Program is the most complete and wide range program to help professionals and companies to master the Agile Culture throught all the corporate layers.

A great course! I got it in the right moment, because I’m studying Post Graduation in Software Engineering and the content found here came to complement a lot my knowledge in this area.
The instructor Fernando Faganello passes on the knowledge in a clear and precise way. I’m using it on my personal projects.
Jean Michael Connory

I really enjoyed this course. Straight to what matters. I had always been guided by the PMBOK.
By knowing the Agile Analyst techniques, I can join forces to better execute my work.
Flávio Henriques Fernandes

Excellent content and totally applicable in the daily basis practices, being motivator for personal and professional changes. Practical and intuitive approach. Gustavo Bernardes Machado


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